The most awaited competition US Open has come to an end and it’s not Novak Djokovic this year. Stan Wawrinka has won the most prestigious title of the year. The finale of US Open was electrifying, while everyone wished and prayed for the world number one player Djokovic to win the title but the game changed when Stan performed so vigorously.

History Created by Stan

By winning the US Open title Stan Wawrinka has become the second oldest male winner of the title.  In the battle of 4 sets Stan beat Novak to be the winner of US Open Winner of 2016. 31 year old Stan Wawrinka is now the titleholder of all 3 Grand Slams. He won French Open last year and Australia Open title in 2014 and now he has beaten the number one player to be the winner of 3rd Grand Slam title. It can only be possible if you have firm determination, believe in yourself, years of hard work and most importantly when you do justice with your health. Novak was unfit while he was just a one step away from the title hence; the fit Stan grabbed the title with the strength and skills.

Thrilling Final Face-off

Being the world number one player Novak Djokovic tried his best but he lost the match suffering from bad health and fitness. It was clearly seen that Novak was not fit during the match. He even shouted ‘Stan, Sorry! I can’t stand’ during the break. Still he played the match being in so much pain and once again proved that he is the best player and won the heart of millions.

In the end Novak Djokovic stated ‘Congratulations, Stan, to your team as well. This has been absolutely deserved today. You were the most courageous player in the decisive moment and he deserves his title’.

A good sportsperson is not only when he has the titles, it’s when you play with a good sports spirit and when you respect your opposition accepting the final results and that’s what Djokovic proved in the finale of US OPEN 2016.