Transfer Saga Rolls On: Chelsea could Offer Long-term Deal to Costa

Will Diego Costa continue to play for Chelsea? The world have had enough of twists right before 5 days of Chelsea’s summer in order to find out whether Costa will remain in the club or not. People have been gazing upon to know if the star footballer will stay in the club or not. In a recent interview, the player stated that if he was to ever leave the team, he would pick only one. The one club here being referred to was none other than Atletico Madrid. The player made it very clear that he doesn’t want to leave the club as of now; he has 2 more years to be in the team. But yes, he made it very clear that if the football club wants to sell him, then it will be none other Atletico Madrid. Transfer Saga Rolls On: Chelsea could Offer Long-term Deal to Costa

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The Offer by Chinese FC Tianjin Quanjian

Last week, there were many speculations about Costa to join the Chinese Super League Club, Tianjin Quanjian. If the offer had been accepted, Diego Costa would have become the highest-paid footballer in the world. But nothing happened as such with Costa making it quite clear that he doesn’t look forward to leaving Chelsea. Well, that was not the only reason that stopped the deal from happening. Actually, a new 100 percent tax law has been imposed in China that prevented the deal to take place. As per the newly law, if Tianjin Quanjian were to pay Chelsea £76 million to prise Costa from Chelsea, it would have to pay the same amount into the development fund. In that case, Tianjin would have to spend a total of £150 million. Moreover, if Costa would have moved to the Chinese club, it would have been all because of financial reasons, nothing due to personal attachment.

Eyes on the Verdict

Here is something to be looked upon. As there are only 2 years left to run on his contract, it is the right time for Chelsea to sell Costa for his perfect market value. The other option for the club is to commit him for a new long-term deal. Now that Costa has showed interest in Atletico Madrid, Chelsea would do anything to make the player stay. What will happen? Until some real verdict comes in, let’s expect some more twists and turns.