Terms & Conditions

Sportspredicts.com enables and provides you with a desire and fortune sports website which includes combined and collective content in the form of any visuals, text, video, audio or any content in different represent able form and all of the services, contest or additional features they provide. Please read the Terms & Condition before initiating the services. Accessing the services or clicking to accept or agree button there are few options which are ready offered to you.

Accept and Agree to our services enable you with some of our additional rules and regulations. Approval for use of personal information as mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

Other relevant terms, guidelines and conditions of participation as a contestant in any of the Contests issued by Sportspredicts.com from time to time. If you do not AGREE with our above mentioned Terms and Conditions then you may not access any of the available services or use the content or services available.

Sportspredicts.com has the complete authority to change or update any additional terms and condition for participation in any particular contest. You agree to subject to them if you participate in any of the contests available in our portal.

Eligibility Criteria– You hereby correspond to that you are fully proficient and competent enough to enter into the gateway of terms and conditions, commitment, contract and warranties. You therefore confirm that you will act in accordance with and abide by the rules and terms discussed.

By entering into the contest/services you are confirming firmly that:

  1. You are 18 years or above.
  2. You are a permanent Indian resident or citizen of India with a confined Indian Address.
  3. At the point in time of deposit or game entry you must be physically- in flesh available in India in a jurisdiction in which participation in the contest is not illegal and forbidden by the court of law.
  4. You are not entitled to or declared as prohibited individual in the list of any government organisation.
  5. you will tolerate at all times by these Terms of Use and some other assertions amongst you and Sportspredicts.com with respect to your utilisation of the Service or support in diversions and challenges.
  6. When participate in any challenge or contest that honours prizes, you are not a representative or administrator of another day by day dream site.
  7. You don’t, by prudence of connection with another day by day dream site, have admittance to the site’s pre-discharge non-open private information about challenge related data.

On the off chance that Sportspredicts.com verifies that you don’t meet the eligibility requirements of this segment, then you are not approved to utilise the Service. We may oblige you to give evidence that you are qualified to participate as indicated by this segment preceding getting a prize. This incorporates by asking for that you round out a testimony of eligibility or other confirmation data (as talked about in Section Conditions of Registration beneath). In the event that Sportspredicts.com generally establishes that you don’t meet the eligibility requirements of this area, notwithstanding any rights that Sportspredicts.com may have in law or value, Sportspredicts.com maintains whatever authority is needed to end your record, withhold or deny the granting of any prizes connected with your record or cut off your capacity to pull back. In such a circumstance, Sportspredicts.com may pay out any withheld or disavowed prizes to alternate participants in the significant challenge in a way predictable with the prize structure of the challenge, to be correctly dictated by Sports Predicts in its sole watchfulness. Sportspredicts.com likewise maintains all authority to withhold repudiated prizes to use in assistance of its misrepresentation avoidance endeavours. Our workers and employees may utilise the Service with the end goal of testing the client encounter, yet may not pull back prizes. Relatives of Sportspredicts.com workers with whom they share a family are not qualified to participate in contests. Sportspredicts.com specialists or promoters of the Service may play in contests without such restriction, however just on the off chance that (i) their course of action with Sports Predicts does not allow them to have any entrance to non-open Service information or whatever other information not made accessible to all players on the Service and (ii) they don’t get some other points of interest in their play on the Service.

Athletes, mentors and other sports group administration, group bolster workforce (e.g. without confinement, group doctors) and group proprietors may not take an interest in any Sportspredicts.com contests in the game or games with which they’re related. Group proprietors, refs, association representatives, sports chiefs and different people who through a possession intrigue or diversion related work can impact the game play are moreover ineligible.

Conditions and Guidelines for Participation:

In order to participate in our game play or contest on the service, you must have a authorised account with Sportspredicts.com . While registering yourself as an individual user you must provide accurate and precise bibliographic personal information about yourself and always update the registered information prior to the changes you acquire personally. We have best technical support to capture inaccurate and irrelevant information. Sportspredicts.com can deny your access to registration or has the right to terminate your account.

You may establish, uphold only one account for Service. Each account should be maintained precisely with Services authorised to an individual. We re-encounter and verify the accounts if you register for more than one accounts in the running event. For avoidance and prevention of doubts we exhibit the right to suspend or terminate any or all of your registered accounts. Sportspredicts.com has the right to hold back or refuse to give any awarded prizes.

You concur that the sole and particular motivation behind making a record on Sportspredicts.com is to partake in dream sports challenges on the Service. Sportspredicts.com might be qualified for suspend, confine or end your record on the off chance that we decide, in our sole watchfulness, that you are storing reserves without the aim of utilising them as a part of challenges on the Service. In such conditions, we may likewise report such action to significant powers.

Interchanges and Information Practices:

As a consequence of your enlistment or registration for the Service, you may get certain business interchanges from Sportspredicts.com . You comprehend and concur that these interchanges are a piece of your enlistment, and that, to the degree required by law, you may quit getting these correspondences whenever by either utilising the unsubscribe usefulness or sending an email to information at Sportspredicts.com . Taking after such a quit, we may in any case speak with you through email to the degree allowed by pertinent law.

Exclusion and Cancellation:

Sportspredicts.com likewise maintains whatever authority is needed to scratch off challenges, in our sole tact, with no confinements.

Sportspredicts.com in its sole circumspection, may exclude you from a challenge or the whole Service, decline to honour dream focuses or prizes and require the arrival of any prizes, or suspend, confine, or send your record on the off chance that you participate in direct Sportspredicts regards, in its sole caution, to be uncalled for, unreasonable, fake or generally unfriendly to the operation of the Service or in any capacity unfavourable to different clients. Uncalled for direct incorporates, yet is not constrained to: adulterating individual data, required to utilise the Service or claim a prize; including damaging any of these guidelines, gathering focuses or prizes through unapproved strategies, for example, mechanised scripts or other computerised implies; altering the organisation of the Service or attempting to in any capacity mess with the PC programs connected with the Service; acquiring other contestants’ data and spamming different participants; and manhandling the Service in any capacity; or generally abusing these Terms of Use. You recognise that the relinquishment and/or return of any prize might not the slightest bit keep Sportspredicts.com from illuminating the significant powers, and/or seeking after criminal or common procedures regarding such lead.

In the event that for any reason the Service is not running as initially arranged (e.g., if the Application gets to be tainted or does not permit the best possible use and handling of passages as per the standards, or if disease by a PC infection, bugs, altering, unapproved mediation, activities by contestants, extortion, specialised disappointments, or whatever other reasons for any sort, in the sole feeling of Sportspredicts.com defiles or influences the organisation, security, decency, trustworthiness or legitimate direct of the Service), Sportspredicts.com saves the privilege, in its sole circumspection, to exclude any individual ensnared in or identifying with the cause and/or to wipe out, end, amplify, change or suspend the Service, and select the winner(s) from all qualified sections got. On the off chance that such cancellation, end, alteration or suspension happens, notice might be posted on the Application or Site.

The disappointment of Sportspredicts.com to conform to any arrangement of these Terms because of a demonstration of God, sea tempest, war, fire, revolt, seismic tremor, earthquake, psychological oppression, demonstration of open foes, activities of legislative powers or government organisations outside of the control of Sportspredicts.com (aside from consistence with relevant codes and directions) or other drive significant occasion won’t be viewed as a break of these Terms.


Session of Skill – How to start

Sportspredicts.com is a session of aptitude. Champs are controlled by the criteria expressed in every challenge’s standards. For every challenge, victors are controlled by the people who utilise their aptitude and learning of significant expert games data and dream sports principles to gather the most dream focuses.

Select your favourite sport– Create a profile for your favourite sport you contemplate and can easily relate with. Log in/ sign up with us to boost your sports aptitude and play some well-run sports challenges to give passionate imagination to your mind.

Free Login– For first Log in to our platform you are rewarded with some free credits. Play and predict some thought-provoking QUIZ. Review your answers and submit your Questionnaire. Our team owns the right to analyse your provided answers and create a list of players who achieved the topmost position in our fortune game.

Wait for the match to get completed and always keep a watch on your live Sportspredicts.com dashboard which will display the current players who accomplished the topmost position. A winning star will grab all the points in accordance to the challenge knock off of the succeeding players in our list.

A champ will be declared and will be rewarded with voucher of NO restricted amount as per the total points earned facing the challenge.

Verdict– Sportspredicts.com owns the right to declare the winner without any flaws. The qualified contestants will be affirmed with the updated credit earn.

Ways to Earn Credit Points:

Categorised into 3 different set-up plans:

You must be an authorised and registered sportspredicts.com user to join the Play & Earn community. After joining our platform you can enjoy the privileges mentioned below-

Complimentary: You are rewarded with 10 credit points after joining our fabulous sports enthusiast community. Free credit points are only for ONE TIME at the phase of first Login to Sportspredicts.com

Purchase: Registered users are authorised to purchase the credit points to accelerate their participation in the fortune Sports contest. Here are the lists of the credit packages available which can be updated when required and can be reformed by our higher authorities.

– INR 40: 250 POINTS
– INR 80: 250 POINTS
– INR 200: 1250 POINTS
– INR 500: 2500 POINTS

You can purchase credit points through our well-secured and encrypted payment gateway.

Refer and Earn: Refer your friend & family members to join our steadfast sports challenge portal and you will be provided with additional surplus benefits which include 10 credit points + 10% of their subscription amount. These additional benefits will be provided if the person referred by you joins us and takes up the first challenge.

Acceptance of invitation and start playing the challenge in Sportspredicts.com is the only sole criteria to earn additional surplus credit points for our Refer and Earn policy.

Challenge Term:

Sportspredicts.com offers challenges for different expert games occasions, by and large occurring on a solitary day or at most a week. Foretell game!!!

Prizes (Gifts and vouchers):

After every challenge closes, the provisional champs are declared (for the most part by the next day) however stay subject to definite check. The players in every challenge who amass the most dream focuses and conform to qualification necessities and appropriate standards will win prizes as set out in the posted challenge subtle elements. In case of a tie, the prize or voucher is partitioned uniformly between the tied players, unless generally indicated.

Prize or voucher computations depend on the outcomes as of the time when last scoring is arranged by Sportspredicts.com . When victors are at first reported by Sportspredicts.com, the scoring results won’t be changed in light of authority alterations made by the expert groups, however we maintain whatever authority is needed to make modification taking into account blunders or abnormalities in the transmission of data to us from our details supplier or in our count of results. We additionally may make changes in case of rebelliousness with the Terms. Sportspredicts.com has no commitment to defer the granting of a prize in foresight of any conformity. We will display the name of the Contestant in our Sportspredicts.com Web portal as soon as the contestant is confirmed with Title “Winner” after the end of specific on going Contest.

No substitution or exchange of a prize is allowed. All duties connected with the receipt or utilisation of any prize is the sole duty of the champ. If the granting of any prizes to victors of the Contest is tested by any legitimate power, Sportspredicts.com saves the privilege in its sole watchfulness to figure out if or not to honour or alter such prizes. In all questions emerging out of the assurance of the champ of Sportspredicts.com challenges, Sports Predicts is the sole judge and its activities are last and official.

Code of Conduct:

You promise not to use any of our services for intentional and unlawful purpose. You agree not to disobey our Terms and Conditions on all the below mentioned criteria-

Do not stalk, annoy or warn our Sportspredicts.com registered users on any of the personal grudges to our Sport Contest.

Post any unethical or malicious content which can be defamatory, pornographic, belligerent, aggressive which violates the Government laws and rights of our third party merged ventures.

Utilise the Service for any unapproved reason, or infringing upon any relevant law, including protected innovation laws, post or transmit, or cause to be posted or transmitted, any correspondence or requesting composed or expected to acquire watchword, record, or private data from any Sportspredicts.com client.

Make or submit undesirable email (“Spam”) to some other Sportspredicts.com clients or registered users.

encroach upon the licensed innovation privileges of Sportspredicts.com, its clients, or any third party; submit remarks connecting to associate projects, multi-level advertising plans, locales re-purposing existing stories or off-point content.

Try to bid or sell your profile to other existing or new users.

Use any unethical ways to Purchase the Credit Points or use any unprincipled means to create multiple user accounts to bloat your position in the running challenges. Use of any automated means to breach our Refer & Earn policy.

Use of any automated or unethical means may lead to removal of your Content from the Service permanently or temporally as decided by our Authority. You hereby confess and acknowledge that Sportspredicts.com may eliminate any USER Content at any period or phase of time for any reason which violates our law including, but not inadequate to, upon receipt of rights and claims or accusations from the third party. REPORT US FOR ANY VIOLATIONS ON OUR TERMS & CONDITION.

Secure and Well Encrypted Payment Gateways:

We take well secured and compliance based measures to prevent your personal information. Whenever you provide us the detailed proprietary credit or debit card information via the website your data is encrypted all the way through secure payment gateways. We use best encryption techniques to preserve and guard your information offline as well as online. You can confirm this by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser, or looking for “HTTPS” at the beginning of the address of the web page. Purchase of Credit points from our Website is convenient and power packed with all fortified and safe guarded preventive measures.