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Our website is a 24*7 steadfast platform dedicated to sports enthusiast. We carry out some energetic Contests to keep you electrified about your favourite sports. We bestow you with all kind of Sport and its different formats. Latest updates and statistics on all sports are updated from time to time. A sports challenge portal with which you can relax with your friends and families and play some mind busting challenges. All in one sport portal which has the endeavour to predict your passion and add value to your time by allowing you to participate as a contestant in our challenges. We share the topmost sports passion predictors from our contestant list who managed to own the top position in our challenge. Here you are provided with an adorable opportunity to win some dazzling gifts and vouchers for the precious time you spend in our platform. A sport catalyst with a potential to examine your sixth sense with reference to your desired sport.

Our Information Resource and its Utilisation: barely collects the necessary personal identifiable information in order to act in response to your request for our tailored solutions and services. This steadfast portal does not collect any personal identifiable information about you until or unless you purposely and unintentionally provide it on your own. sometimes uses your personally identifiable data to operate and maintain the website and to keep you well acknowledged about the new feature, services and products from

When you visit our website we may send you some cookies (may be one or two) which is actually a string of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identify your browser details so that you can interact with our website smoothly. We precisely select other companies to share information about their products and services which are related to website services but are unnecessary for “Extended Service”. If we unintentionally intend to use your identifiable personal information in any form of our Extended Service then we will provide you the knack and specialised instructions to decline this service.

How We Utilize Information:

For general purpose, the personal identifiable information you submit may be used for the request you make on demand or in assistance so that we can serve you better. We can use your personal information in the below mentioned ways- enables you with a lot of sort excitement stuff, news and latest updates. It has many features that demands user for disclosure of any personal details for instance—email ID, NAME etc. Using this feature is at your own sole risk and we remain unclaimed and do not take responsibility for the same. If you privacy has been encroached by indulging yourself in such feature, you can inform and notify us at

Other Websites:

The may or may not contain links to other websites. We do not take responsibility for any privacy practices or the content of any such websites available on the web.

Prohibited Users:

As indicated in our Terms and conditions employees, consultants, players, operators of any government sports organisations are forbidden and restricted from participating in certain Contest. For further clarification we repeat that for instance- employees, athletes consultants or any person who is involved full time in domestic as well as International Sports are restricted from making an involvement in any of our Services or Contest. Encroachment of our Terms & Conditions will be concluded as a violation of law. We can report the involvement in any services or in any Contest based activities to applicable and responsible Sport’s Governing Body. Using Fake identities to participate is also prohibited and may lead to serious consequences under the Acts of Government law.

Revelation of Your Personal Data:

We reveal your personal information based on the below mentioned criteria:

  1. Third parties chosen by you: When you use our tremendous services, the identifiable information that you provided to us will be shared with third parties that you designate to receive such information. For instance- if you want to join and communicate with other participants who are participating in the same contest as you are.
  2. Third party service providers: We can share your personal information without hesitation to third party service providers for the services and solutions we provide. We can perform and accomplish various quality assurances testing with the help of resource provided. Can be used for the smooth process of account creation, authentication, user verification services, to provide technical support base and to deliberately coordinate with other products./services.
  3. Profiles and players: Whenever you participate as a contestant in our Web portal, we may or may not provide your profile to other players. You are provided with ease of communication to other players if which case your relevant personal data is disclosed to some extent.
  4. Promotional advertisement: When you enroll yourself in any Contest or Quiz we may use your biography, hobbies, judgement outlook and some other necessary information related to publicity, trade or promotional purposes exclusive of further payment, notification or approval.