The National Hockey League has its four matches scheduled for this Wednesday. The first clash will begin at 8.00 PM ET between CHI and PIT. LAK will challenge CGY in the second match at 9.00 PM ET. WSH and COL will play against each other for the points at 10.00 PM ET. And, the last face-off of the day is between STL and ARI which will kick-off at 10.30 PM ET. Let’s have a look at their current stats and league rankings.


CHI has won 48 matches and PIT has won 46. This is going to be the best face-off of the day as both the teams are extremely strong. You just have to watch them and give your full support so that they can win the clash.


CGY is leading the league rankings with 42 wins and their opposition team LAK has won 35 matches and are at 3rd place. Both the teams are good, but CGY is definitely a better team as they have won more matches than LAK. The fight between these two teams will be very tough as CGY will try to be in the same position and LAK wish to come at the top place, hence they are going to give a tough competition to each other.


COL is at the bottom with just 20 wins so far in NHL, they are among the worst teams in this season. WSH on the other hand, is the best team as they have won 49 matches so far and have become the only team to win maximum number of matches. In this clash, they will easily beat COL, and with that they will win their 50th match of this season.


Both the teams are from Western WC zone and STL is a far better team than ARI. STL has won 40 NHL matches so far while ARI has won just 27 matches. Being at 2nd place, STL will try to come at the top and for that, they have to win their upcoming matches. ARI is almost out of this tournament, hence a win or loss will hardly affect them. STL with easily win this match to earn some points.