Five National Hockey League matches are scheduled for Monday. Here is the list of all the games.

Nashville Predators vs Philadelphia Flyers

PHI has won 19 matches which shows that they are the strong contenders of the trophy. NSH is a weak team in front of PHI. It will be the 20th win for PHI if the play strategically. The players are in good form hence, we can expect some magical moves from them.

Detroit Red Wings vs Carolina Hurricanes

DET and CAR will start fighting for the points at 7.00 PM ET. DET from Eastern Conference has won 13 games out of 31 played. CAR on the other hand won 12 games out of 30 played. Both the teams seems quiet energy less as the stats are not in their favor. They have to keep winning the games if they wish to the trophy in their hands.

Anaheim Ducks vs Toronto Maple Leafs

ANA from Eastern Conference has won 16 games in this NHL season so far. On the other hand, TOR from Western Conference has won 11 games. ANA is 5 wins ahead of TOR. They can easily win this match if they play carefully. Do watch their face-off at 7.30 PM ET.

Edmonton Oilers vs St. Louis Blues

The game between EDM and STL will begin at 8.00 PM ET. STL has won 17 matches while EDM has won 15. Its going to be a close match as both the teams have the ability to win this game. Let’s hope some good sport from them. STL is more dominant hence, they can be the winner of this game.

Calgary Flames vs Arizona Coyotes

The last match of the day will begin at 9.00 PM ET. CGY has won 16 games out of 33 played. On the other hand, ARI has won 11 games out of 29 played. According to league rankings, CGY is better than ARI hence, they have more chances of winning the game. Do watch all the National Hockey League matches on Monday and support your favorite team.