The National Basketball Association has its eight matches that will be played on this Thursday. You will see Hornets vs Magic in the first clash at 4.30 AM. At 5.00 AM, Pacers and Celtics will fight with each other. The next three face-offs will commence at 5.30 AM- Pistons vs Bulls, Sixers vs Thunder and Hawks vs Wizards. The next battle is between Cavaliers and Nuggets which will begin at 6.30 AM. The last two matches will be played at 8.00 AM between Buck and Kings, and Knicks and Jazz. Here is the list of close matches of the day.

Detroit Pistons vs Chicago Bulls

There is just a difference of 1 winning match, Bulls have won 33 matches so far, while their opposition has won 34 matches. Will you see the Bulls power in the field or Pistons will amaze us with their performance? You have to watch their battle to know about this. But, Pistons are slightly better than Bulls, hence they might win this match.

Atlanta Hawks vs Washington Wizards

Hawks have got the victory in 37 NBA matches so far while their opposition team has won 42 matches. Wizards have performed so beautifully in this season and they deserve to be in the list of top NBA teams of this season. Though Hawks are not that bad, but they seem quiet dull in front of Wizards, hence this match will go in the favor of Washington Wizards only.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Denver Nuggets

Denver has got the success in 33 NBA matches so far while Cavaliers have won 46 matches. The winning difference is so high and the stats shows that Cavaliers will easily beat Nuggets as they are far better in every term. Nuggets have to win their upcoming matches if they want themselves to be in the race of this tournament. But, in this particular match, they will face a failure.