The National Basketball Association has its 8 clashes scheduled for 22nd March. The first match will commence at 4.30AM between Bulls and Raptors. The next two face-offs will begin at 5.00AM between Pistons and Nets, and Suns and Heat. At 5.30AM Grizzlies and Pelicans will clash while Warriors and Mavericks will face each other at 6.00AM. Strong Spurs will challenge Timberwolves at 7.00AM and Bucks will be battling with Blazers at 7.30AM. The last clash of the day will be played between Clippers and Lakers which will begin at 8.00AM.

Here are the close battles of the day.

Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors

Raptors and Bulls are from Eastern Conference and the most amazing fact is that, they both are in top 10 list. Though, Raptors are far better than Bulls, but it’s just a matter of few wins and Bulls will also be in a secure position. If Bulls will win this clash with a good margin, they might jump 3 places above in the points table. Do watch their clash on this Wednesday and support your adored team.

Memphis Grizzlies vs New Orleans Pelicans

With 29 wins Pelicans are at 11th place in the league rankings of Western zone. On the other hand, Grizzlies are at 7th place in the same conference with 40 wins. Undoubtedly, Grizzlies are far better than Pelicans, hence they will easily win this battle. Pelicans are performing good in their face-offs, hence they will deliver some good sport from their end, but the match will go in the favor of Grizzlies only.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Portland Trail Blazers

Bucks have won 34 matches while Blazers are just 2 wins behind them. With 32 matches Blazers are at 9th place in the Western zone. Both the teams are not in a good position right now, hence they have to win their upcoming matches to be in the race of the tournament. The maximum chances of winning this match are of Bucks as they have won more matches than Blazers.