The United Soccer League has its 12 exciting matches scheduled for 2nd April 2017. The regular season of USL has already started and some teams have performed really well in their first match, while some have faced a failure which is a part of the game. On Sunday, first match will kick-off at 1.30 AM between BST and ROC and at the same time NY will face RIC. At 2.30 AM, PGH will challenge CIN and the next match is between SLC and PHX at 3.30 AM. CLT will face CHS at 4.30 AM and at 5.00 AM, TBR will clash with TOR.

The next two USL matches will begin at 5.30 AM- COS vs OKC and TUL vs RGV. In the next clash at 6.00 AM, STL will be fighting against OTT and at the same time SA and LA will clash. At 7.30 AM, RNO and VAN will be facing each other, while the last match of the day will be played between SAC and OC, which will kick-start at 8.00 AM. Let’s have a look at their current stats and rankings.

The Beginners

BST and ROC both will play their first match of this season. CLT has not played any single match so far, hence they are about to begin their tournament with the match against CHS who has already won their 1st match. OTT has not played any match, but they are all set to fire the stadium against STL who just got 1 point from their first match.

After impact of first match

RIC has won their first match and have also earned 3 points, while NY just earned a single point as their first match settled at draw. CIN lost their initial match of this season and PGH just earned 1 point. PHX’s first match was the draw while SLC won their match to earn 3 points. TBR and TOR both have won 1-1 match and in this clash, they will give a tough fight to each other. COS and OKC have started their journey badly as they both have lost their matches against their rivals. RFV lost their match, while TUL has won, hence they have more chances of winning in this clash as well. SA and LA both have won 1-1 match so far and they are going to give a tough fight to each other. RNO and VAN lost their beginning match, hence they will try to earn some points in this clash. SAC and OC are good teams, hence their match will not settle easily as both will try to beat each other.