The regular season of United Soccer League 2017 is going to commence from March 25th. All the teams are preparing hard for the battles and each and every single fight of USL is going to be very tough. Some teams have extraordinary players who are like the backbones of their teams, while for some players it will be their initial season of USL and we wish all of them a good luck for their tests which will kick-off from this Saturday.

Will SPR beat POR?

The match between SPR and POR will be played on 30th March 2017 on Thursday. The battle will kick-start at 6.00 AM and the fans are going crazy for their face-off. SPR and POR are from Western Conference zone, hence all the USL fans around the globe as going to witness a clash within a group. Swope Park Rangers will face Portland Timbers 2 in a close match and you all have to support your adored USL team to make them win the battle. Do watch their exciting match and enjoy with your friends.

ORL magic in the field

The last match of USL of this month will be played on 31st March 2017 between ORL and LOU. As it’s the last match, hence everyone will witness it to enjoy their day and the fans can watch it live at 5.00 AM. Louisville City FC and Orlando City B will try to deliver their best in the field to earn the precious USL points. To be the best, all the teams have to perform superior from each other, so that they can be the dominant one from the beginning of this championship. There will be lots of matches to be played in this leave, so we cannot decide from the initial stage who is the best or not? But, you have to take full care if 30 champions teams are battling for one title and there is 1 more expansion team out there. With these matches, the USL march month will end.