The National Hockey League has its 3 close matches that will be played on this Wednesday. The first clash of the day will begin at 7.00 PM ET between TOR and CBJ. Then next battle is between NYI and NYR which will kick-off at 8.00 PM ET. Then last match of the day is between 10.00 PM ET which will be played between EDM and ANA. Let’s have a look at the current stats and league rankings of these teams.


TOR has won 32 NHL matches so far, and they perform really great when they play confidently, but their opposition team in this clash is so powerful as they have won 47 matches so far and CBJ has secured themselves for the next level of this championship. It will be an easy win for CBJ as TOR is not that strong enough to beat one of the best team of NHL.


Both the teams are from same zone and NYR is leading the points table with 45 wins in their pocket. On the other hand, NYI has won 33 matches, and they are 12 wins behind the NYR. Will it be a one-sided match, or NYI will amaze everyone, you have to watch their clash to know about it. But, stats are in favor of NYR, hence they will be the winner of this clash.


With 38 wins out of 72 matches played, ANA is at the 2nd place in Pacific Western zone. On the other hand, EDM has also won 38 matches, but they have played 1 less match than ANA. Both the teams are good and it’s hard to say who will win this battle. Ultimately, it’s a game, and anything can happen in sport. The team who will play more strategically and powerfully will win the clash.

Do watch all three amazing matches on this Wednesday and cherish it with your family and friends.