The exciting match between Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao will be played on 7th April 2017. This Spanish LA LIGA clash will kick-off at 7.45 pm on Friday. The Estadio de la Ceramica will witness the performance of both the teams and also the winner of this battle. Villarreal and Ath Bilbao are at the safe places right now, but to be on the top of the points table, they have to deliver their supreme in this match. Let’s have a look at their current stats and league rankings.

Villarreal vs Athletic Bilbao

Villarreal is at the 5th place right now with 48 points in their pocket. Ath Bilbao on the other hand, is at the 7th place with 44 points. The stats shows that, this is going to be an electrifying LA LIGA match of the month, as both the teams will try to beat each other to earn the points. Villarreal seems to be more strong and clever team, hence they will win this clash.

Their last 6 matches

Villarreal is performing so good in this season of LA LIGA, and their last 6 matches are the evidence of that. In their last 6 games played, Villarreal got success in 5 matches, which is truly commendable. They lost one match against R Madrid by 3-2, that was also a very close battle, but ultimately with such a low margin they face a failure.

On the other hand, Ath Bilbao has won 3 matches in their last 6 battles and they lost 3. This 50-50% ratio shows that, they lack in some areas. First of all, the unity is the key to success and we have witnessed that, they are not playing with a unity and that’s the reason they lost their 3 matches. Apart from this if they fail again in good strategy against Villarreal, they will face one more failure. Do watch their exciting match and support your favorite LA LIGA team.