You will witness some overwhelming National Hockey League matches on this Thursday. 16 NHL teams will face each other to earn some previous points which will help them to secure in the league rankings. MTL and PHI have their face-off at 7.00 PM ET. Two matches will be played at 7.30 AM- NYR vs BUF and OTT vs TBL. EDM will be playing against NSH while WPG and DAL will clash with each other. At 9.00 PM ET, CHI and ARI have their clash and also TOR vs STL will begin fighting at the same time. The last game of the day is between SJS and VAN which will kick-start at 10.00 PM ET.

Here are the stats of the close matches.


MTL is leading the ATL Eastern conference with 33 wins. They have played very beautifully so far, however they will try not to commit a mistake which can make them repent. PHI on the other hand has won 25 games which are also very good. PHI needs a victory more than MTL do. Hence, we can expect that PHI will deliver their supreme to win this battle.



TBL is at 6th place with 22 wins and they have lost 22 games. Their opposition team has won more matches, so the results might go in their favor. But it’s a game and anything can happen in it. This might be a 27th win for OTT and TBL can also beat OTT as they have the capability to do so.


NSH is at 3rd place in CEN Western zone while EDM is at 2nd place in PAC Western zone. The stats show that how close this game is going to be. NSH has won 24 NHL games so far while EDM has won 28. They are very much similar in term of performance; hence it will be fun watching them against each other in the field. Do watch all the NHL face-offs on Thursday and enjoy to the fullest.