Osasuna has badly disappointed their fans in this season. Though they started well but ultimately failed to make a good mark in LA LIGA this time. On the other hand, Malaga is in between the good and bad zone. Neither they have performed so tremendously nor have they failed totally. So let’s see who will win this battle as Osasuna will definitely try to win at least last few games while Malaga will surely try hard to be in the race of this tournament. The clash between Malaga and Osasuna is scheduled for 27th January 2017. The game will be played at El Sadar which will kick-off at 7.45pm. Don’t miss the fun of Spanish LA LIGA.

Osasuna vs Malaga

Malaga is at 13th place in the league table right now. They have earned 21 points so far. They still have chances for a great comeback in the game as few wins can definitely help them reach the top 5. That means Malaga fans have many chances left to cheer up loud. Osasuna on the other hand has just scored 8 points so far which is truly a poor performance. It’s going to be an easy win for Malaga as they are very strong in comparison to Osasuna.


Their last 6

In the last 6 games both the teams have performed so poor. Osasuna has just won a single game out of 6 played while they have lost 4 and one was the draw against Valencia.We just hope that Osasuna will never want to finish their battle of LA LIGA being at the bottom of the points table, let’s hope that they will deliver a good performance this time.

Their opposition team has performed even worst. Malaga failed to win even a single match. They have lost 4 games out of 6 played and 2 matches were settled at draw. If they will keep playing like this, they will be out of this championship very soon. We just hope that they will win this battle to secure them. Do watch the face-off on January 27th at 7.45pm.