2017 ICC Champions Trophy: India VS. Pakistan Final Match Prediction – Insights

So, the time has come to decide which team will win the 2017 Champions Trophy. The final 2 were decided on June 15 when team India defeated Bangladesh in the second semi-final of the tournament. Team Pakistan already made its way through to the finals by winning the first semi-final over team England. Now, it is time for the final match of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. The match will be played on June 18, Sunday at 09:30 AM as per GMT at the Oval, London. The very old rivals, team India and Pakistan will be battling against each other to mark victory in the match and clinch the winning title of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. Who will win the finals of the 8th ICC Champions Trophy? Let’s find it out in the final match prediction. 2017 ICC Champions Trophy: India VS. Pakistan Final Match Prediction – Insights

Champions Trophy 2017 Pakistan
Champions Trophy 2017

A Brief History of the Rivalry between Team India and Pakistan

Team India has played outstanding in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy so far. The defending champion has come really strong in this season of the tournament as well. On the other hand, team Pakistan has also played outstanding. Defeating a team like England on its home ground was not easy but Pakistan did it very well making its way into finals of the tourney. Speaking of the rivalry between the two teams, the tale is very old. It’s like ever since international cricket came into picture, so did the enmity between two of the strongest teams in the world. Having a look at the past matches between team India and Pakistan, the latter team has never defeated the Indian team ever in any of the matches of an International tournament. That sounds bizarre, but is absolutely true. Team Pakistan may have won the tournament but has always failed to defeat team India in the same.

Indian Team

Final Match Prediction: The Winner

If team Pakistan wins this time, it will be their very first ICC Champions Trophy victory. But it won’t be easy as defending champion team India would not allow to do so. Not to mention, team India defeated team Pakistan by 124 runs in their first match in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. As per the stats and past records, it is undoubtedly clear that team India has all the right chances of winning the finals of the 2017 Champions Trophy, period!