2017 ICC Champions Trophy: 2nd Semi-Final Match Prediction

The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy has made its way to the semi-finals. With team Pakistan defeating team Sri Lanka on 12th June, Monday it became clear that which of the four teams will be battling against each other in the semi-finals. While enthusiastic Pakistan will be facing ruthless England in the first semi-final match of the tourney, mighty India will be playing against fortunate Bangladesh. And we are here to predict the winner of the 2nd semi-final match prediction. Well, talking about the match schedule and venue, the 2nd semi-final of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy will be played on 15th June, Thursday at Edgbaston, Birmingham beginning 09:30 AM according to GMT. It will be very interesting to see how Bangladesh will face India as it is for the very first time that the team has made it to the semi-finals in the history of Champions Trophy. Will team Bangladesh defeat team India to reach to the finals? Or, will it be the other way round? Let’s predict it right here, 2017 ICC Champions Trophy: 2nd Semi-Final Match Prediction

Champions Trophy 2017

A Brief Summary of the Performances of both the Teams

Team Bangladesh got real lucky in this season of the ICC Champions Trophy, thanks to rain and total washouts. The team may have lost its very first match to team England by 8 wickets but did not agree to give up. When Bangladesh defeated team New Zealand by 5 wickets in its 3rd match, the team made its way through to the semi-finals. It was like a miracle for team Bangladesh as the 2-time Champion Australia was eliminated from the tournament.

Indian Team

Team Bangladesh currently stands at second spot with 0.00 net run-rate and 2 points on the Group-A points table. While on the other hand, there is fearsome India which has the best net run-rate in the league so far. The team began with a bang defeating the all-time favorite rival Pakistan by a huge margin of 124 runs. The team stumbled in its second match but made a comeback by defeating world no.1 South Africa by 8 wickets. The team proudly sits at the first position on the points table of Group-B with an outstanding net run-rate of +1.370 and a total of 4 points.

2017 ICC Champions Trophy: 2nd Semi-Final Match Prediction

2nd Semi-Final: Match Prediction

Isn’t it too obvious that team India has all the chances of winning this match? Bangladesh may try to give competition to the zealous team but it would take yet another miracle for the Bangladeshi team to win this match. What do you think?