2017 FIFA Confederations Cup: Portugal VS. Mexico 2nd Match Prediction

The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup has started as a forerunner to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 10th edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup began on Saturday- June 17. The series is being played in Russia this time. The first match of the tournament was played between Russia and New Zealand with team Russia winning the match 2-0. Speaking of the second match of the series, it will be played between European team Portugal and North American team Mexico on June 18, Sunday at Kazan Arena, Kazan beginning at 18:00. It will be indeed quite interesting to watch the two teams battling against each other in the match. Who will win? Let’s foretell the winner right here in the match prediction. 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup: Portugal VS. Mexico 2nd Match Prediction

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Portugal VS. Mexico: Match Preview

The second match of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup will be played between Portugal and Mexico on June 18, Sunday. Team Portugal has already advanced to the knockout stage of the series. Speaking of the performances of both the teams, chances are very high for team Portugal to win the match. It might be quite easy for team Mexico to win over the other North American teams, but it will not be that simple for the Mexican team to defeat the UEFA Euro Champions in the upcoming match of the Confederations Cup. Portugal has played very well in the previous matches which make it a better team. The Portuguese captain Christiano Ronaldo is all set to play in the match and lead his team towards victory.

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Foretelling the Winner

Although, it is very likely for team Portugal to win the match but team Mexico is filled with motivation to play in the match. Raul Jimenez, Mexican forward who plays for the Portuguese club says that it is not impossible to stop the Portuguese captain. Speaking of the history of the Federations Cup, the Portuguese team has never been successful to clinch the winning title ever. On the other hand, the Mexican team has won the Confederation Cup back in 1999. So, anything can happen in the upcoming match.