The 1st match of National Football League on December 25th is between Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. The game will begin at 4.30 PM ET at Heinz Field. Both the teams are playing beautifully in this season of NFL. The match will be won by one team only so let’s see who will be the winner of this electrifying match. Week 16 of National Football League is going to end soon hence the teams will do everything to win this battle to score some points for their team. We hope to see some exciting moments in this clash.

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers have won 9 games while they have lost 5. On the other hand, Baltimore Ravens have 8 games and lost 6. Steelers are leading the AFC North Team while Baltimore Ravens are at 2nd place in the same zone. A win can switch the positions of both the teams hence, they will play carefully as well as strategically to win this battle.


League Rankings

Steelers play so offensively in the ground, they are very good defenders also. But, Ravens are better in defending as compared to Steelers. Both the teams are good at passing. They key tool or the winning tool of Pittsburgh Steelers are rushing. Its hard to beat Steelers at rushing as the players are over energetic in the field. Its definitely not going to be a one-sided game hence, we can expect a thundering face-off on Sunday.

Head to Head

On October 1st last year, Ravens beat Steelers by 23-20. Once again, Baltimore Ravens got the victory in a very close match on December 27th 2015 by 20-17. Ravens and Steelers both have delivered some great performances in NFL so far. Its so surprising that Ravens have always beat Steelers in the big matches. On November 06th 2016, Ravens won by 21-14. Let’s see who will win this battle, will it be the Ravens again or the Steelers will change the history this time. Do watch their face-off on Christmas Eve.