All the Spanish LA LIGA matches of 2016 are over now. This tournament will have an another phase from January onwards. The first LA LIGA match of 2017 will be played between Espanyol and Deportivo. The game will begin at 7:45pm. Cornella- El Part will witness the very first Spanish LA LIGA battle of the year. We will see on Friday that who deserves to be in the race of the title.

Espanyol vs Deportivo

In the last 6 games played, Espanyol won 3 matches, they lost 1 and two were the draw. Deportivo on the other hand has disappointed everyone in the last few games. Out of 6 games played they have won only 2 matches while they lost 4. Espanyol is at the 9th place in the league table while Deportivo LA Coruna is at 15th place. According to league rankings, Espanyol is more strong and dominant one hence, they have more chances of winning the game.


Spanish LA LIGA 2016/17 has given us so many moments to cherish. We hope to see some good sport in the coming matches of 2017. Let’s hope that this new year will bring out the best from the teams of LA LIGA. Don’t miss this face-off on January 6th 2017 at 7:45pm.

Teams Squad

Victor, Oscar, Ruben, Aaron etc. are the great defenders of Espanyol. On the other hand, the midfielders are Victor, Pape, Jose, Pedro, Marcos, Javi etc. Pablo has more attacking midfielders than Espanyol have. Gerard, Leo and Felipe are the Strikers of Espanyol.

Deportivo LA Coruna have Fernando, Raul, Sidnei and Luisinho as defenders. They have midfielders like Alex, Pedro, Emre, Florin and Celso. The strikers of Deportivo are Joselu, Juanfran and Ryan.

Both the teams have great players but Deportivo players are suffering from a bad form that’s why they are losing matches. Let’s see will it be an easy win for Espanyol or the Deportivo still have some fire in them. We all will witness on January 6th 2017.