There is only one National Football League match on November 28th. Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles has its face-off at Lincoln Financial Field. Their clash will begin at 8.30 PM ET, do watch this interesting battle on Monday.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers

Eagles has won 5 matches so far but they have faced a failure in 5 games also. On the other hand Packers has got the victory in 4 games while they have lost 6. Eagles from NFC East Team is at the 4th place in their division. If they want to improve their position in the points table, they must win this game. Green Bay Packers is an NFC North team and is at 3rd place. If we talk about performance, Packers are quiet better than Eagles. But it’s a sport anything can happen any moment. We have witnessed a last minute win also.

League Rankings

Packers are good offenders while Eagles are good at defense. Passing is the major tool to win a game and hence, Packers do it very well. Philadelphia players are very energetic as they do hell lot of rushing in the field. Let’s see who’s tricks and skills will be implemented rightly in this game. Both the teams have their weaknesses and strong areas, they both have faced each other in the previous seasons of NFL, hence it will be a terrifying match for sure.


Head to Head

On November 10th 2013, Eagles beat Packers by 27-13, but next year on November 16th, Packers tremendously beat Eagles by 53-20. It was a huge margin win. NFL fans who have witnessed that game can never forget the way Packers performed that day. On August 29th last year, it was Eagles once again who got the victory over Packers by 39-26. In this season of NBA, both the teams are performing great so we can’t take a side on any one team. Its definitely not going to be a one-sided match. Don’t miss to watch their face-off this Monday.