Doping test failures and sports have a long history and it actually goes back to 1988 Seoul Olympics, the case in point will be Ben Johnson. He had not only won the 100 meter race, but had created a world record in the games as well. He became  an overnight hero across the world, however, in couple of days he was found positive for stanozolol and he was stripped of his achievements and his record also became null and void.


Some big names

Second big name that comes into mind is Maria Sharapova, she also failed the dope test will be making her return in 2017 after completing her ban.

Shane Warne had to leave the 2003 world cup campaign as he was found guilty of using banned substance and was asked not to participate in the campaign any further. Though he refuted the claim and said it was a drug he had taken to loose weight. But the International doping agency did not buy it.


Some other big names who were found guilty are mentioned below: 

  1. Tyson Gay
  2. Marion Jones
  3. Lance Armstrong
  4. Alex Rodriguez
  5.  Floyd Landis
  6. Wu Yanyan
  7. Diego Maradona
  8. Roy Jones

In recent memory and Rio Olympics– the doping scandal hit Indian shores as Nar Singh an Indian wrestler was found guilty of using the dope.

His case was fought by Indian organisation and till very last it was not clear whether he will be allowed to fight or not. Ultimately he was not allowed and became a name in doping scandal.