Kabaddi World Cup has gained so much popularity since it started in the year 2004. India has always been the holder of Gold medal of this tournament. Argentina, Poland, England, Japan, Australia, Kenya, Thailand, Bangladesh, Iran, Korea, United States and the host country India are the teams participating in the Kabaddi World Cup 2016.

India gives so much priority to sports and spent mammoth of money on such leagues. Whether it be any sport, we Indians make it a huge hit with tremendous support and love for the sport.


Match 2 of KWC 2016

The group stage matches will come into action from 7th October. Two matches will be played on Day 1 of the league. United States and Iran, both are the away teams who will clash at Ahemdabad at 9:00 pm. Both the teams from Pool B are excited as well as nervous also to give their finest. Each and every team fights for their National Flag as its their duty, that’s why sport is so entertaining.

Exciting face-off

Iran and United States both are the good teams as well as they have spectacular players who can do wonders in the field. It will definitely be a high scoring game as both the teams are fresh and are totally prepared to play their first match of Kabaddi World Cup 2016.


United States is slightly stronger then Iran, so may be the match can go in their pocket. On the other hand, we can’t say that Iran will not give a tough fight but the chances are they are going to face troubles. Both the teams have almost equal supporters here, hence the stadium will be fully packed for the 2nd game of KWC.

This international event is worth watching as the players from all the countries are amazingly talented. Specially youngsters adore this game and are keen to watch the breath-taking performances. Its not only a game of strength, rather skills have their equal weightage in this game. So, let’s see which team will be able to impress the audience on the Day 1 of Kabaddi World Cup.