The first week of NFL was very electrifying and the players are getting ready for the second week of NFL. A good number of points were scored in the games, which was little unexpected. Will the total increase in week two surprise the spectators or will it go beyond our imagination? Only few games were low scoring in week 1 of NFL but still it has increased the interest of the people more in the game.

The strength of the players is incredible which is making NFL more popular. So much of action and drama proved that week 2 is going to be great. Who is your favourite after 1st week’s performances? Don’t miss the games of 2nd week and cheer out loud for your favorites.


The Battle

Buffalo Bills and New York Jets– NYJ has tremendous defensive front so Bills might have to give double if they want to win but Jets has the maximum chances of winning.

Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans- These are not so good teams but Tennessee has won against Minnesota in week 1.

Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs-Both impressive players and good strategies, Texans has a chance to beat Chiefs.

New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins-Patriots are going to take the revenge of last year’s defeat by Dolphins.


Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens- Undoubtedly Browns are better but Ravens have improved a lot if we compare their performance in last season. Ravens are the choice this time.

Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals-Both are in form and better than before. But the Bengals are a bit good then Steelers.

Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys-DC have to work so hard against Redskins as they really performed so well in week 1.

New York Giants and New Orleans Saints– Have become famous for worst defences; Saints were very poor in week. Giants have an opportunity so score good points.

Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers– Very unpredictable, Panthers and 49ers are the ones on which we can’t bet.


Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Very unpredictable as both are best.

Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts– Denver will do wonders in week 2.

Oakland Raiders and Atlanta Falcons– Falcons will face the failure.

San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars– Chargers are fully charged and will score good points.

Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers– Vikings were good in week 1 and they will still be the same in week 2.

Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles– Chicago have more chances than Eagles.